The Santa Monica International Film Festival is an independent film festival, showcasing films from over around the world in competition with local films and filmmakers.

Last year we received  over 1000 films and we expect that number to increase and need screeners with integrity and dedication to assist in the process.

This page has information about the process, commitment and expectation for our reviewers. If you are still interested after reading all of the information, you can fill out the application at the bottom of this page.


When is SMFF 2017?

The 12th edition of SBIFF will take place December 9, 2017.


What does a reviewer do? 

Each member of the reviewer committee is asked to view and score feature films, documentaries and short films on a regular basis from August through September and provide critical assistance during the selection process. Reviewers are granted access to our online database to exclusively be some of the first eyes on the submissions.

What is the Time Commitment?

Each reviewer is required to log 100 plus hours of screening films and in exchange you will receive two All-Access Passes for the 2017 Festival. One feature film is equal to 100 minutes and one short film is equal to 20 minutes. The total feature films minutes will then be added to the total short films minutes and then be divided by 60 minutes which will equal your total hours.


EXAMPLE: (2 features x 100min.) + (2 shorts x 20min.) = 240/60 = 4 hours
Platinum Passes will only be given to those who have reached the 100 plus hour marker. If a reviewer logs less than 100 hours, a separate compensation will be determined by SMFF.

What is expected of me as a reviewer?
• Reviewers must complete a film review sheet for each film and must include written comments explaining each decision
• A minimum of 30 hours of viewing is required by each reviewer
• Reviewers must confirm that every film for which they have scored was watched all the way through from beginning to end
• Most importantly we require CONFIDENTIALITY. We MUST keep all positive/negative critiques of the films confidential and NEVER make any attempts to contact the filmmakers yourself.
• Reviewers have to attend a training meeting (even if they have been a reviewer in the past)