All films must includes the proper “title” on the file.


Instructions as follows:

DCP specs  

24 frames per second (required)  

FLAT (1998 x 1080 pixels) or SCOPE (2048 x 858 pixels)  

CPL's should be properly identified as feature, short, or trailer in the file CPL's should be properly named according to the standards set forth by the ISDCF.  DCP must be delivered on a drive that is formatted EXT2, EXT3, or NTFS (required)  



The drive containing the DCP must be delivered in a CRU housing or be able to connect via USB. If the drive requires external power, a plug must be provided to plug it into a standard US outlet.  

The provider of a DCP is responsible for providing a DCP that plays back correctly on our systems. We recommend having a DCP created by a professional provider that will provide quality control testing.  

KDM creation. If you are creating KDMs for your title we can send you the server serial numbers upon request. Often KDM creators are able to just use the serial numbers to create the keys, but if you want the certs you can get them from GDC  e-mail directly to .  


Content must be at the Festival on or before 15 days prior to screening date.