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We Will Not Be Silenced

83 min  | Director - Luis Solarat

We Will Not Be Silenced is a shocking insight into the Orwellian world of online censorship witnessed up close and personal through the experiences of Brian Rose, founder and host of London Real, who had his 2 million subscriber YouTube channel deplatformed for simply broadcasting interviews that challenged the status quo.

Banned by Silicon Valley’s biggest monopolies, Rose and his millions of supporters defiantly fight back by broadcasting a world record-breaking global livestream, demonstrating the importance of defending our most fundamental right: freedom of speech.

Unfortunately on September 4th 2023, the London Real channel was deleted and permanently banned from YouTube, ending 12 years of free expression without recourse.

We Will Not Be Silenced serves both as a cautionary tale and a beacon of inspiration, ushering in a new generation of self-broadcasting as content creators across the world begin to fight back against Big Tech’s censorship

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